Personal Insurance

1. Travel Insurance
Travel insurance provides all-rounded protection and generally includes the following items:
- Personal accidents including death and permanent disability
- Medical expenses reimbursement
- Personal liability
- 24 hours Worldwide Emergency Assistance
- Lost, damaged or delayed luggage
- Loss of personal property and money
- Trip cancelation
- Itinerary delay / Interruption
- Terrorist attacks
- Loss of Travel Documents
- Home Contents Protection
- Credit Card Protection
- Rental vehicle Excess

2. Overseas Student Insurance
Overseas Student Insurance provides all-rounded protection to enable your children to study overseas safely. It generally includes the following items:
- Comprehensive medical expenses reimbursement
- 24 hours Worldwide Emergency Assistance
- Personal accidents coverage including death and permanent disability
- Personally liability
- Lost, damages property and money
- Itinerary delay
- Lost damaged or delayed luggage
- Loss of personal property and money
- Academic disruption
- Education fund
- Kidnapping protection

3. Individual Medical Insurance
Hospital Insurance Plan
Generally, there are three levels of protection provided in the market depending on the type of ward: private, semi-private,
and ward plans.Each plan includes room and board fees, meals, hospital fees, consultation fees, and surgical fees.
The surgical fees, anesthesia fees, and operating room fees are generally compensated according to the degree of complexity
of the operation and at a specified percentage of the surgical benefit.


Optional additional protection

1. Supplementary Medical insurance
When the actual medical expenses exceed the upper limit of basic hospitalization benefit, the Supplementary Medical
insurance will provide 80% of the uncompensated balance. There are restrictions, for details please refer to the respective
insurance companies’ policy provisions

2. Outpatient protection
- Outpatient items are as follows:
- General Practitioner Outpatient Consultation
- Specialist Consultation (required general practitioner referral letter)
- Physiotherapy and Chiropractic treatment
- Chinese medicine, Bonesetter and acupuncture treatment
- Diagnostic x-rays and laboratory tests (General/ Specialist referral letter required)
- Prescription drugs

3. Dental Coverage
Basic oral examination, filling, tooth removal, teeth scaling & polishing and other dental treatment

4. Hospital Cash Protection
A fixed amount of cash is given on a daily basis in order to subsidize the daily expenses during the hospitalization period

5. Obstetrics Coverage
Generally used for “natural delivery” (including diagnostic tests, prenatal examinations, postnatal examinations, etc.)

In additional, there are medical insurance product provided for high-end customers. The coverage is more comprehensive.

High-end medical insurance provides up to millions Hong Kong dollars in the amount of protection. Most of the hospital expenditure items do not
have compensation limits. Client can stay in private or semi-private ward and have full reimbursement.
With great flexibility, the plan provides for different choices of covered areas and deductibles. This allows client to choose for their own needs.


4. Individual Life Insurance
Life insurance provides life protection. It includes Term Life insurance, Endowment Insurance, and Critical illness insurance.

Term Life Insurance
It provides life insurance for the insured over a specified term. Since there is no surrender value, the premium is relatively low.

Endowment Insurance
It provides either life insurance coverage or value of surrender. This type of product could be used as part of the client’s financial planning.

Critical Illness Insurance
It provides the insured with critical illness protection where the sum insured will be paid out if the insured is diagnosed with covered illnesses.
Most of the products include life coverage and value of surrender.